Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh look. Another blog.

Well, since you are here, let me introduce to you the beginning of  ‘kinked hose’. This is my first time at blogging, so I hope that my garden and landscape architecture design-related natterings develop into something that is accessible, interesting, and helpful. I’ll even put in pictures for you to look at - some might be very lovely - nifty macro shots of gorgeous flowers, fabulous landscape projects, garden tours - others might show horticulture atrocities or unfortunate failures in landscape designs done by others (or even me!).

Some things I might chat about include: sustainable and water-wise gardening with California natives and other drought tolerant plants, gardening in our Sacramento Valley clay soils, increasing beneficial insects and wildlife in the urban garden, battling invasive weeds, reflections about riparian restoration projects and landscape design in general, the challenges of Homeowners Association landscaping, and my efforts to finally, finally landscape my tiny, bare-earthed courtyard after living in my house for 7 years.

I hope you enjoy the flow.

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